Escorts in Hull

Hull is on the Humber and was a fishing port in the past.  Hulls full name is Kingston upon Hull.  Hull has a substantial population for Hull escorts to service.  It is estimated there are over a quarter of million people living in Hull.

Famous people from Hull included William Wiberforce who played a key role in the abolition of slavery.  Slavery is still an issue today, with abolitionists conflating escorting to sex slavery.  It is a shame this is a legacy Hull escorts have to live with.

Hull is the city of culture for 2017. This unfortunately has had a detrimental affect for many escorts who work from the street or work in areas which have been designated as cultural areas.  Yes there is a big council led clean up of Hull escorts.  This has led to health issues with street working Hull escorts who have gone underground.  A charity working with escorts in Hull, Hessle Road have found they have lost contact with escorts.


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